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September 07, 2008


Tim Footman

Does anyone still listen to a word Lee Jasper says?


But that's not actually what she said. Typical DM spin on things.

Try here..


This might provide a less spin-worthy perspective.


Hi Dave

It's always depressing to read this sort of thing. If teachers enter black male pupils for lower level tests knowing they have as good a shot as their white colleagues at attaining a higher level it's either deliberate protectionism or an entrenched tendency to have lower expectations of black pupils. Both are forms of racism in my view. If they're subliminal or unconscious it's even more dangerous because it allows for denial. The answer, as far as the testing goes, is to take that decision away from teachers and remove their capacity to make flawed value judgments.




School targets taking bright kids and making them brighter, taking thick kids and showing them you can make it at sport, taking kids who cannot make it at sport telling them growing things is good.

I went to school I could not get my mind around maths, I was sent down to the sports section of the school and played rugby, I was then told well in my day Rugby was not paying so I was sent out onto a farm. I came back to teach sport. Good old British education and the target system.

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