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April 09, 2008


Ms Baroque

Ah, he could have not damned us with such faint praise! The guy did say "gratuitously flattering" after all. Even looking at the Narrow Way on that video I started getting little fond feelings. For the Narrow Way, I mean, not Ken.

I have to say, I'm glad I don't have to vote in this election! (Not being allowed, and all...) But it isn't a job you'd wish on anyone.


Why aren`t you allowed, Ms Baroque? Are you actually the Queen?


Class act,Ken. I love non-team players. (c.f. team player Meg Hillier voting for PO closures and non-team player Diane Abbott voting against). My vote...X
I suppose the other 2 are also non-team players, but one is a clown and I don't quite know what the other's game is.
I liked this YouTube clip of a John Sergeant profile of Ken...

Ms Baroque

Yes, Glyn. I am. I'm also American by nationality and for some reason the Electoral people don't like that.


Blast those electoral people, Ms Baroque!!

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