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June 04, 2008



Another off-licence? Brilliant :-(

Just what Clapton needs. At least it isn`t a betting shop.


Wow, how handy. Now I'll only have to walk 20 yards instead of 30 for my 6 cans of Tennants for a fiver.


does the population of Hackney need any further increase in the availability of alcohol???
do we need more yellow jaundice, more depression, more alcohol-fuelled violence(including domestic), more brain-damage, more people unable to remember what they are doing, spending their life searching for booze, more street-drinkers, more people vomitting blood, more swollen bloated abdomens, more swollen legs, more diarrhoea, more people suffering the pain of their own pancreatic enzymes burning into them?
Really do we need more?
Cider is cheaper than cola in Clapton already. The place is awash with alcohol. Please think of something else to sell.

James Cherkoff

Is this the one by the roundabout?

Dave  Hill

That's the one, James.

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