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April 02, 2009



you can sign as well at the dry cleaning... please do so, the plans (you can view them as well there) are truely horrible!


Dave, I have noticed that the developers' address is shared by one involved in this business involving grade II* and II listed buildings

Paul Cross

we have just noticed squatters sleeping on yhe flat roof at the back of Pond house and in the garden,heavy party last night we can see them from our bathroom window
Paul Cross


That's what going on... If this becomes Dalston Theatre Revisited, I sincerely hope not with the same results. Does anyone know what's going on with the application?


What is the latest news about the Pond House? Its such a beautiful building but seems to have been left for squatters to live in? Or have they moved on now?
Linda,part of the Clapton Pond fan club


Can anyone give me information on Pond House and who the owners might be? Keen to see the lovely building renovated to its original state, Matt.


Yeah, I would as well. Saw some squatters(?) on the steps outside it today at around 10am.

It is such a nice building and would really make the area around the pond so much nicer if it was done up nicely.


It's a very interesting site isn't it. A really great site for a community garden. Those grounds could be transformed into a lovely productive green space in no time. Three of us did a smaller space right in Hackney Central (http://mymoonymoon.blogspot.com/).

In my experience squatters often make great contributions in terms of maintaining their buildings and doing outreach activities in the local community.

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