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July 27, 2009


Katie Le Ruez

Algae on a pond / some other sort of pond weed?


A layer of unattractive greenery under which I'm guessing there is a nice canal or pond? Right?

Gary Dunion

Is it a pond? It looks like a pond. Specifically, it looks like the pond (that looked like a lawn) that I tried to walk on in Brittany in 1994. I learned a lot about ponds that day.


You're all doing jolly well. Carry on!

Michael Hanley

Is it the surface of Clapton Pond, Dave?

Gordon Hodgson

Some water in Clissold Park?


i'm voting river lea navigation. it gets gunked up down there quite often, in different parts depending on the wind direction. somewhere between, i would guess, your house and the olympic site, since that's where - i think - your guardian blog indicated you actually were on saturday.

process of elimination, of course. you could have hopped on a train at stratford or something and gone to the ponds on hampstead heath just to make this whole exercise that little bit more difficult, but i doubt it...


Perhaps Dave went punting...


And the winner is....omnibolg!

Now, about that star prize....

James Cherkoff

I was down at the River Lea on Sunday and thought it looked quite clear. Is it benefiting from Olympic dredging? Hope so.


My guess was going to be Clapton Common's ponds - my girlfriend said she saw them being cleared out a few days ago, but the algae appeared to be winning again last night.


Oh dear. Didn't see this blog in time to take part. My guess would actually have been astro turf, so would not have been correct .... I thought it looked more like very very closed cropped grass or astro turf!

I've just moved into the Clapton area so will try to keep up with this blog on the right days in future!


It's not algae - it's a covering of duckweed, probably lemna minor. Duckweeds are the smallest members of the family of flowering plants. They are very bio-friendly, since they reduce evaporation, provide cover for various animal species, such as frogs and newts, and are excellent water cleansers - they take up excess nitrates and other chemicals. Removing it might look tidier, but it removing a natural cleansing mechanism from the surface of the water. How little the people of this island know about their environment.

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