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January 06, 2010



It doesn't really matter what Hackney Homes says -

What matters is what the lease says...

blood and property

It really doesn't matter what Hackney Homes says:

I read this in the Hackney Gazette ago in October. I meant to post it on Blood and Property for future reference - it's the sort of thing that needs remembering.

"Hackney Homes informed the mayor of Hackney, Jules Pipe, in July that all fire risk assessments had been carried out on buildings of six storeys and above. It was later revealed that 38 blocks did not have a valid or up-to-date fire risk assessment at the time. A Hackney Council spokeswoman said: "We were very concerned that previous assurances and information given to the council about the progress of these works turned out to be inaccurate."
(Page 5 Hackney Gazette October 29 2009)


these are the limits of blogging. There is a time for the complaining to stop. If people are not happy with their Freeholders, it is open to them to see if the LVT will deal.

Gary Penticost, Hackney Homes

Hackney Homes, Director of Property Services commented: Hackney Homes consulted extensively on Heatherley and Mellington Court to discuss the demolition of the pram / bike sheds. Two separate letters were sent to all residents on the block with details of how they can provide their feedback. In addition, a door knocking consultation took place on four separate occasions in November 2009. 28 out of 44 residents (flats) at Heatherley Court were spoken to about their views on the demolition and 17 out of 24 residents (flats) at Mellington Court. Out of these 61% voted in favour of the pram/ bike sheds being demolished.

Hackney Homes can confirm that following the works planned, the area will receive an open bike storage area post demolition as well as improved drainage and resurfacing by the end of March 2010. In addition, we are awaiting a decision on funding to provide secure bike lockers for residents of the estate.

Alternative arrangements for residents wishing to store their bikes/prams has been made on the estate. Residents can request the use of a garage on the estate through the Tenant and Resident Association Chair (TRA). His contact details will be circulated to residents and available on notice boards on the estate.


Thanks for the lease angle - will be checking that this weekend.

In response to Hackney Homes:
No consultation has taken place, we received one letter telling us the works would be happening and a second to tell us there was nothing we could do to stop the work.

I have spoken to the residents that live in 35-44 Heatherley Court and all wish to retain the sheds - this is the entire top floor and all people in this block that have access to the sheds, so not sure where the 61% came from. Of the residents in my block only one person was asked if they wanted the sheds demolished on the door knock and they voted against the work.

No resident in my block has been informed of these alternative arrangements, but did receive a letter telling us we would have to make our own arrangements.

When asking for contact details for the TRA we were told these would be circulated after demolition.

All in all a very poor and confused service from Hackney Homes.

Carrie Rutherford

we had a similar situation some years ago, but it was clear that Hackney just didn't want to maintain the sheds etc. Most sheds were demolished due to insufficient consultation. However, one block (1-12 The Mount, E5) managed to retain them - maybe you could find out from them how they did it. Good luck.

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