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March 07, 2008


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Fortyniner Dweet

Methinks Livingstone has too deeply "bought in" to the bendy's, and Boris is missing a serious bet. The buses have yet to be designed, so there's still time for reasonable men to 'fix it'.

In my view During that process they should be designed for either one or two-person crews. That way they may be used during "flood" and also during "fast", as it were. 24/7. Without wasteful labor costs.

Do a larger, more efficient front door, add a stairwell behind the driver, and install an optional automated rear door/stairwell to allow Oyster card access, and ipso facto you have a bus for all seasons, routes and hours of service. But that may be too politically incorrect to do.

DD's are the by far best way to see the city, and bendy's are too euro for you Brit's, imho.

Cheers from one longing to return for another holiday

Harunur Rashid

I personally believe that bringing back conductors in london's transport system is going backards instead of looking to the future and moving forward. I believe instead of this it is much more important to have more buses in different places were there are no bus routes.

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