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May 05, 2008


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Phil Taylor

Oh, and by the way. BORIS WON.

Oh yes and YouGov WERE RIGHT.

Boris increased the Tory vote by 92%.

Funnily enough Livingstone increased the Labour vote by 30% in the face of a national slump.

Livingstone is one of the most capable politicians in our country and he played an absolute blinder.

Apparently he was outwitted by a buffoon. Or, is Boris a genius as Charles Moore says?


Dave re. the article by Charles Moore, I hope you will not think less of me if I raise a subject that often is the quickest way to empty a room. I have studied astrology for 13 years and according to the laws of astrology, at the time of Boris Johnson's birth, (you have to look at place, time and date), there was an unusual aspect, an eclipse between Mercury and Jupiter. In astrology, this is the sign of a genius....

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