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June 13, 2008


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ITN (via Yahoo!) had a breakdown of what was in the "cellar".

"A member of City Hall staff counted 39 bottles - 11 of Sancerre, 10 of Chateauneuf du Pape, one bottle of 1998 Rioja, 11 bottles of other Riojas and six bottles of "cheaper" wine."

"Mr Livingstone said there was no wine in the office"


Dave  Hill

Excellent work, Rob. Interestingly, though, Ken's statement only denied there being "over a hundred" bottles. It is (ahem) "understood" that the former mayor fully accepts that there was a significantly smaller number of bottles there.


Do we know if they were bought at full price or has TFL been advising Provence on it's transport infrastructure? :-)


Tom I answered your post under "A Goodly Hoard - part 1".

Dave you are on a roll with this subject, why not a set of 10 volumes? or Goodly Hoard The Movie? (JOKE)

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