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June 26, 2008


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Blue PVC body-suit? Clown's outfit? Or maybe he should follow Dr David Bull's example at last year's Brightom Pride and be surrounded by shirtless men on the tory float... http://iaindale.blogspot.com/2007/08/bully-for-bull-at-pride-in-brighton.html

(I assume he's going on a tory float?)


His Bullingdon Club uniform (let-out considerably) minus the trousers and a sequinned posing-pouch featuring Cameron's face.


His old Eton uniform - just to put him in the mood.


Probably a pale blue open necked shirt, (no tie), jacket and slacks, slightly rumpled hair, friendly, relaxed style.

Dave Hill

Sadly, I think Angela might turn out to be nearest the mark!


I did think of saying a disco vest with red satin jockey shorts - it takes a special type of man to wear his name embroidered on his butt, especially when on national t.v. but we owe our Mayor respect.

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