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June 07, 2008


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Well, as Boris himself says - albeit in this wind-up of John Briffa - "all wine is good". I think Ken should donate it to the new Mayor (assuming it is his, and not the GLA's).



It's a good deal more serious than just allegations of decadence - of the people I know who voted Boris, one common allegation (second after communism) was drunkenness, which has its origins in dog-whistle right-wing smear stories. Hence giving the impression that his office was stuffed with booze reinforces this 'drunken Communist' image that they wanted to portray. As if a genuine alkie would have left 100 bottles of booze lying around.

Of course, the main reason for disbelieving this is the same reason for disbelieving any insinuations that Livingstone was personally corrupt - a drunk or corrupt Mayor wouldn't have achieved nearly so much.


What a complete arse. I expect to read Boris's reports of finding a huge fridge full of Beluga and a walk-in humidor of fine cigars behind a secret panel in due course.

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