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The toilet thing is a child protection issue, I think - it was the same on a TV show I did a while back. Though I can imagine Orla was very amused by having a toilet to herself with a sign and everything!

Looking forward to the film - worked as an extra on it and especially loved filming the big scene in the theatre at the end.

Dave Hill

Hi Kirsten. Orla's dad here. I'm sure you're absolutely right that it was a child protection thing, but I think it was probably more fun for those on the scene at the time to pretend that it was an outrageous privilege handed out to a mere nine year-old making her film debut - more conducive to banter!

I hope you enjoyed yourself working on the film. I was Orla's chaperone on the day of the theatre shoot, which is quite an epic scene. We're now getting thoroughly over-excited about Friday's UK premiere in Leicester Square - especially the grown ups....


I was expecting a link in the story between the Or-Loo and the roughage introduced when strawberries replaced sweets and chocolate. Bit disappointed

Dave Hill

The thing is, Alex, you're just too gifted to be a mere journalist...!

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