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I think the little girl is so cute, and I know she will be good. Christopher Eccleston will be great as her father. He is a wonderful actor. Great looking guy.

Dave Hill

Hello and thank you for your very kind comment about Orla. I don't think I'm giving away any trade secrets by revealing to you that Christopher is absolutely great as her film dad. Also, the first scene Orla performed in during the making of the film - of any film! - was primarily with Chris and he really looked after her. Lovely man.


You both sound like lovely people.

Christopher has recently become a father. Albert has already started his acting career early by squealing last week during his father's talk with Polly Findlay at Cheltenham Literary Festival.

I'm seeing this movie the day after the premiere as part of London Film Festival so I'm eagerly looking forward seeing this movie before it goes on general release.

Much love go out to you both.

Dave Hill

Hello Jen and thank you for your very kind comment. Sheila and I had the honour of briefly meeting young Albert following one of his dad's performances of Antigone at the National Theatre. He was very quiet on that evening! I hope you enjoy song for Marion. I think you will.


I'll let you know when I get back from London next Saturday.


Nice words look forward to reading the rest if your blog x I was an OAP xxxx sally c

Dave Hill

Thanks, Sally-Anne.

Julia Williams

It sounds so wonderful. And after years of dealing with the problems of the elderly, I'm all for a film that puts them centre stage. Looking forward to it, but suspect it will make me cry!

Shilpa S (Taru's daughter)

The movie is wonderful and your daughter is just fantastic in it! I'm sure you will love it - and if you are anything like me you will be sure to cry (but laugh lots too!) Have a great time on Friday :) Thank you for this blog. I look forward to all the updates.

Dave Hill

Thank you Julia and Shilpa for dropping by. I am now becoming absurdly over-excited about the premiere. Have promised to let Orla choose my tie. Could be a mistake.

Pat Mailer

Hi, I've just come across your blog. Thanks for sharing good times. Your daughter is a natural actor and I'm sure she'll go from strength to strength. I'm one of the OAPZ, not an actor just a singer from a local choir who was thrilled to have the chance to be part of the film.

Joan Fagan

Thank you for your comments about all the people involved in Song for Marion. I sang with the OAPz choir and now I have seen the film I would like to say how well Orla did and the relationship between her and Christopher was amazing. I wish Orla success in the future.

Dave Hill

Hello Pat and Joan and thank you very much for dropping by and saying such nice things. Over the next few months Sheila and I intend to write more about the choir and others who contribute to the film, so keep in touch.

Sheila Fitzsimons

I remember meeting you all on that incredibly windy day when Vanessa sang. We really appreciated how lovely everyone was to Orla and we thought your singing was terrific too.
Sheila (Orla's mum).

Pat Mailer

Thanks Shiela. We had a good choir leader, Richard Scott who did most of the arrangements. We weren't a choir when we started rehearsing but we were by the filming came around. Enjoy tonight's premiere.

Taru Devani (Sujatha - Song For Marion)

Dear Shiela and Dave, Excellent Blog. Thank you for sharing wonderful moments with us. Your daughter is a natural actor. I will treasure the moments we spent toghether while filming in Newcastle. Orla certainly has a talent and we wish her good luck. Taru Devani

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