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May 28, 2007



try out these 38 route videos,Glyn..
Funny, but the 242 route does't have quite the same cache or cult status...not a single video in stock!
Did you know that the forerunner of the 242,the 22, used to go from outside the Clapton Park Tavern, (now the excellent Thang Long House!!) to Putney Common?..did you ever wonder about the long stretch of cobbles outside the former pub?


the way to LSHTM is 253 to manor house and tube to tottenham court road. u can take the bus back in the evening and red your newspaper. sorted.
p.s. is prof varma's (live) tick collection still around. yeeurrch!

Dave Hill

I had the 38/Graham Road experience yesterday afternoon. The driver was very good - "It's blocked all the way up, don't know why." I got out and legged it and, true enough, there was no apparent cause for the hold up. I'm not sorry I had to walk - I needed the exercise and it gave me the perfect excuse to buy a takeaway instead of cooking.


Alas, Rosemarie, the Tube is one of the luxuries that I`ve had to get rid of!

Twice this week, I`ve had to walk home from the railway bridges. Today, my bus, plus the 3 others in the queue were all terminating because they were so late.

It`s really crazy; something surely has to change in time.


I know this is an old post and hope you don't mind my responding at this late stage but the case for biking it to bloomsbury is clear here - not only healthy for you but gorgeous too. Although I am assuming you to be able bodied biking is tremendous for the mind too. I cheat death tons of times before me days even begun. Um. Think I might have talked myself out of my own idea. Drat.



Later than ever comment coming up! Just wanted to support the last speaker, cycling is the way forward! True you cheat death in the London traffic , but.. as long as you do it successfully, it's alright , no?

On a serious note, it's good for your health. Really.


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