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May 03, 2007


Martin McCallion

Yeah, he's a nice guy, but his shop's usually too busy for me. I go to the purple one on Chatsworth Road, instead. That's usually so empty that you wonder how it can stay in business.


I shave my own head, I`m afraid! I`m one of these ultra-graded beardies you see wandering around Hackney.


Does anybody know what has happened to Saf? There is a sign outside the shop saying that it is closed until further notice.


I saw Saf, briefly, in Mavish Kebab`s, the other day. As far as I know, it`s only a short-term closure. I may be wrong, though, of course.


What happened with Saf?
Has anyone more news?


It`s been open a few months now, so your tonsorial needs can be met once more

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