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June 23, 2007



I can tell you! The man in the middle is Patrick from the London School of Cycling - he gives cycle training lessons to pathetic grownups (like, ahem, me) who never learned to ride a bike when they were kids.


This is indeed Patrick Field cycle and HPV guru to the stars, and to you and me. He will have been teaching cycling, he only lives round the corner. The scooter is a very effective way to teach balance http://www.londonschoolofcycling.co.uk/

Even if you already cycle and think you know it all you will learn more than you would think by spending an hour with Patrick.

Dave Hill

Thank you, kind readers! That penny farthing, though....ouch.


Dave,not quite the traditional "penny farthing"
Is it a scooter?or treadle cycle?
Now for the history bit: did you know that some of the finest and most collectable post-war bikes were made in Upper Clapton?
first in (disappeared) Aveley (not Avertey as in the link) Road off Southwold Road,subsequently at the filling station in Upper Clapton Road and finally at the site of Southwold motors behind the BR station.
The first meeting of the Pickwick Bicycle Club occured in 1870 at the former ,and nicely-converted Downs Hotel, but I am blowed if I can see a brown plaque....

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