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July 27, 2007


Ms Baroque

Not only that, Dave, but who is this "boom" going to benefit, anyway? Only east London householders who feel like trading up. The rest of us can't afford to buy a place even as it is!

When I hear the phrase "East London property boom" all it does is make me feel vaguely sick with worry over my future.


I quite agree, Ms. Baroque. For someone like myself - single, with a private landlord, and with an income that isn`t high enough to practically *anything* in Hackney (or anywhere else in London for that matter), any "property boom" will only have a negative effect.

On a side note, I do wish that Channel 4/More 4 would stop showing those awful house improvement/house buying programmes, which are practically a slap in the face for people such as I (and, to be honest, the approximate 95% of my friends who are in the same position), who cannot afford to buy *anything* in London.

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