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August 30, 2007


Mike G

I've added a Flickr link to some photos of Clapton Orient's old stadium just off the Lea Bridge Road.

Before playing here they were based in the Millfields area and also had a short stint at Wembley.




Could you please help me in tracing a former player around this time period my Grandmother claims her father played for Clapton orient his name was Charlie Vogel. Do you have any info on him?

Thanks Mike Canada.


Could you please help me in tracing a former player around this time period my Grandmother claims her father played for Clapton orient his name was Charlie Vogel. Do you have any info on him?

Thanks Mike Canada.


There is no mention of a Charlie Vogel in the complete record of Leyton (and Clapton) Orient book published the other year (Breedon Books)

sara williams

My husbands Grandfather says his father played for Clapton Orient and we are desperate to find a picture of him to give him as he hasnt got any of his father. his name was William Thomas Beckinsdale he changed his surname to veal so it ma be under William Thoms Veal. Look forward to hearing from you with any information.

Catherine Dyer

My father tells me that my Grandfather played for Clapton Orient maybe around the 1920's. His name was William Frederick Hamilton. Any information on my grandfather would be appreciated. Thank you!


Nobody called Hamilton is listed in Orient FC - A Pictorial History by Kaufmann and Ravenhill having played in the League. I guess not all players made it into the first team.

Richard Good

Can you please find a picture of my Late father in law who played for Clapton Orient Fc either late 1940's or early 1950's. His name was John Cecil Beacon. DoB 1st February 1926. a picture would fill the gap in his life i am missing. Thanks in advance Richard

Alison Styles

I have a similar query but pre 1914. I am looking for William Hunter who played for ECFC 1914 but I believe he moved there from Clapton.
However, can I offer a bit of advise to all the others who have put in requests for info. One of my relatives played for Bolton - who say they have no record. I have found a couple of newspaper articles with his name showing he played for them. Have a look in the local newspaper sports pages and you might find your man. Hope this helps. Alison

Mrs I A Ward

can you please confirm that the name of Homes is on this picture because my father William Homes I beleive played in the team around this year

Brian Jenkins

Could anyone have any details on a player called Harry Jenkins who played just before the secon world way and also played at Leyton Orient when they moved.I also believe that his good friend Stan Smith also played for them.


would you know of any players surnamed Dean, who may have played for Clapton Orient pre WW2?
My late Nan, told me her brothers played...

Neilson N. Kaufman


Neilson Kaufman here, historian to Leyton Orient FC. I'm happy to search my database of 3000 Orient players and officials between 1881 to 2014


Wendy Phillips

Hi I am trying to find my great uncle's picture I was told he played for Clapton Orient his name was Jack Barr please can you tell me where I can find pics he played after WW1

Brian Jenkins

Following up on my previous message on July 4th 2013 I understand my father Harry Jenkins played for the reserves as a right winger he mentioned he had made his first appearance at Fratton Park and scored his first goal at Wimbledon if anyone give me any information would be obliged.

Neilson Kaufman

Hi Wendy Phillips

Your request for info on a Jack BARR playing for Clapton Orient. I do have a JOHN Barr listed playing for Clapton Orient first team, but afraid no pictures of him as he was mostly a reserve player with a few first team appearances.




I am researching the career of Bert Ringrose who played for Clapton Orient during season 1945/46 and wish to find out what matches he played in. Many thanks if you can help.


I am researching the career of Bert Rinrose, who played for clapton orient during season 1945/46, and wish to establish which matches he played in. Many thanks to anyone who can help


My previous communication should have referred to BERT RINGROSE.

michael head

i think i can help with the william holmes question. Billy Holmes was a player for clapton around 1906 before becoming the manager around 1911. he was the manager when all of clapton signed up to fight in the great war. been doing a lot of research with Steve Jenkins on the team at this time as my play the greater game is going out soon and tells the true story of the men of clapton orient who fought in ww1 and billy holmes is being played by Nick Hancock (They Think Its all Over, Room 101) for more details on the show or questions regarding clapton around this time please email [email protected] or google the greater game southwark playhouse


Hi all, do you happen to have anything on David or Emlyn Evans around the 20s/30s? Thanks!!

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