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October 18, 2007


Martin McCallion

Less of the "Yes and". Just no!


Cook was on the recent Channel 4 programme about the Pedro Club with the undercover millionaire. The Millionaire paid for Cook's wedding to his long time partner. I'm sure the programme helped in putting Cook's name about. How many hundreds or thousands of unpaid community helpers go un noticed or appreciated. I am worried that Cooks gets his MBE becasue he is a fomer well known boxer, has been on TV and lives in media trendy Hackney


DJR: I'm aware of that programme and although I didn't see it I can imagine it did James's profile no harm. Still, a good youth worker is always a national asset. It would be interesting to know who nominated him.


Media Trendy (Clapton Park)? Really ,DJR? But I do recommend the Post Office in the square, the friendliest and most helpful in E5. And real ale is served in the Glyn Arms....

sarah mustoe

I have known James Cook for many years, as he was a youth worker in the club i use to attend, i have also been to watch him box quite a few years ago.
He is a very pleasant man and deserves to be rewarded for all the work he does, i would like to give a pat on the back to whoever nominated him


Hi DJR, you sound like a bitter and jealous person, who really wants to be in James’ position but have not got the balls to do anything about it, other than sit on the sideline and criticise. 1. I know James very well and I know the hard work, personal money and time he has single handily put into that club and into the outreach work he does. 2. Yes James is a well know boxer in the sport of boxer. But think about it, James did not have to care about the young people in that area, he could have moved away to a nicer area. 3. If the recent award is going to support and highlight the problem in that area, so be it. I bet you would not last 1 day working with those young people. 4. Yes there are a lot of people like myself working with children and young people and we do not get the recognition but we are glad when one of our own does. So shut up if you have nothing better to say.

James, well done and you know you have the full support of the young people and the community. I just wish there were more people like you.

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