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October 15, 2007



Ah. that would be reader Glyn's favourite shop!


Mustapha Kemal

Don't forget the Turkish/Kurdish protection racket rife amongst the community and a blight on these shops


I`m a great fan of Palm 2 - which is everything that a local, independent, shop should be. Staples, mixed in with lots of unusual items, newspapers, and even a deli counter. It`s also the only place in London where I have found the marvellous Plas Farm Coleslaw from north Wales (a real taste of home for me).

However, as Dave mentions, "Turkish shop" (officially known as "Local Supermarket", from the sign), is my usual haunt. Both that, and Palm 2, are very friendly places, with always a smile at hand.


And now I've found out his name - though not before he found out mine, thanks to some kind reader drawing his attention to this post. I was just passing through, grabbing an Evening Standard on the way round to Millfields, and as he took my fifty pence he said, "Hello Dave." So anyway, his name is Abdullah. Or Mr Solak, if we're being formal.


You should try TFC in Dalston at the bottom of St Marks Rise and Ridley Road. The Lahmacun here is superb and only 99p and huge bread rolls only 10p. Actually you shoudn't advertise your fav shops beacuse before you know it every man and his dog will be there


DJR: Thanks. And woof woof!


I found the Turkish Shop on the corner of Clapton Passage a boon for a bit of shopping coming back from work at 2 a.m. In fact if I got home before midnight I went to all the Turkish shops on the way home, including Clapton Show and The Clapton Village Store. Fruit n veg, decent bread, and really random stuff, even pot plants!. Late night Clapton shopping is scandalously convenient.


Glad to hear that Glyn likes our coleslaw.

William Chapman

Palm 2's boss is called Abdullah. My wife and I have just arranged bi-weekly standard delivery of fresh fruit and veg. He is keen to offer this service more widely if anyone is interested.

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