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November 10, 2007



Hmmm, your tone sounds very mocking and condescending. They are obviously there to cater to market demands and a lot of what they sell isn't for the 'ironic, kitsch middle-class wannabes looking for alternative giftware for chums in the burbs' types (gasp)that have descended upon Hackney like a plague of ignorant tourists of the snob variety.
Just because it dosen't relate to your culture or belief system, if you have one; dosen't mean its there for you and your kids amusement.
By all means be tickeld, but be respectful and open-minded too as you are undoubtedly setting an example to your own children, who will grow up with superiority complexes if you are not careful. Unless thats the plan...Peace


Methinks that Fabian is taking Dave`s comments rather too seriously. He admits in his post that "natural fragrance"-type-things are not really him, but Dave has had the good grace to provide what amounts to a free advertisement to a very small local business, in the interest of promoting an area that he obviously cares about. Who, I suspect, could not afford much advertising of their own. In fact, if you go into Google and type in :

"Natural Fragrance Company Lower Clapton"
"Natural Fragrance Clapton"

or, indeed :

"wicca fragrance Clapton"

..this blog entry is what comes at the very top.


Fair point. Although they do a good trade without advertising, as they are well known throughout the communities that use their goods.
I think comments like dave's will just bring in gawpers and p*** takers who think they 'know' better and are of superior tastes/culture.
Just my opinion though.
All i'm saying is you can still opine and get your point across without sounding disrespectful or condescending.
It may also appeal to a cynic with a penchant for kitsch but bear in mind it is also a spiritual supplier to sincere devotees, who don't necessarily want to make their purchases alongside people who are ridiculing their beliefs.


I would note that I`ve seem someone leaning in the doorway "having a fag", which produced a smell which is, I suspect, not one of the type of fragrances that the shop promotes.

In an area like Lower Clapton, I would imagine that any shop needs to bring in the casual visitor. People who are going to Local Supermarket, or Ash-Town Supermarket, for their milk and bread. Would they be gawpers? Perhaps. I`ve wandered into many a shop as a gawper, because it looks unusual, or interesting, and ended up buying something.

Princess Rose

I couldn't have said it better Fabian.

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