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December 21, 2007



I still think Labour should have asked Homer to stand, he would have pulled them through and perhaps Marge might have helped. Well the whole party now reminds me of the Simpsons.

Gordon Hodgson

Thanks for your balanced coverage, Dave.

Of course the fact that one seat was up for election rather than the normal three made predictions difficult and comparisons slightly confusing.

Three seat elections are a little bit more like proportional representation as people can give two votes to one party and one to another (often the third vote candidate may get the most votes if they have wide appeal as a second choice to all voters). In this case, the only parties likely to get votes are ones that would have been first choices.

If the election is largely seen as a two horse race (which I suppose this was, and not with a libdem horse) all other parties are likely to suffer.

You can guess what kind of system I'm pushing for.


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