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January 14, 2008


Martin McCallion

You'll spread yourself too thin. Or dilute your brand. Or something. :-)

Incidentally, your 'Mossbourne At Fault!' post, which I saw in my feed reader, seems to have disappeared. I was going to comment on it about how the whole school felt small and cramped when we were there.

Dave  Hill

Hello Martin. the London blog is mainly a way for me to keep track of mayoral events, a subject I'm hoping to write about quite a lot about elsewhere in weeks to come. The Mossbourne dinner hall post disappeared because I thought the one about BBC Breakfast visiting was more pressing and I didn't want to carry two Mossbourne posts in succession. Then, lo and behold, there seemed to be no Mossbourne item on BBC Breakfast this morning. So I've taken that down too! Will return to this territory when I've unconfused myself!

Guy Strickland

I'll look forward to reading your Mayoral blog - as a Clapton local I enjoy your Clapton Pond one.

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