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January 05, 2008


pasa demir

orhan was my brothers best frend and can onel wasmy best freind i tried and tried to understandwhy and never had an answer ..ORHAN AND CAN U WILL ALLWAYS BE IN MY HEART SOMETIMESI CRY WHEN I THNK ABOUT YOUS..

Jillian Russell

I used to be Can's girlfriend, the pain will never go away and we will never understand why he did this, Can was one in the best people I knew I still can't believe this happened to him, I will miss him forever

Forever in my heart

Jill xxx

Radz soyal

When i saw the dates on your grave, i relised Its going to be 7 years in july that u have gone. Times gone so quick. I think of u like its only been a few months. Miss u so much. U are always in my heart ORHAN KAYA... R.I.P xxx



I am cans cousin. we all knew he was one in a million he obviously done this because of the stress people around him gave to him and other issue that caused him to stress, his gone 4 now but oneday we will reunite i knw tht cuz love you to bitz and forever, Orhan i never had to chance to meet him and is all my friends friend, which ive heard alot of good stuff about him i knw he was just like my cuz..! Rest in peace ORHAN and ❤️CAN aka TERMINATOR... :-(



Orhan i speak ur name in my heart and in my brain every day of my life, i knw u hear me i knw ur alwayz around. Today we had had a long chat at ur grave and the only question i had to ask was why? I try, i look for a reason, for a clue but im left blank. Many of our young turkish/kurdish boys has ended their lives. Where no one will ever knw the reasons. The only thing we could do is say our prayers and to hope they are in a gd place watching over us. Always will remember been woken up every morning by ur msg "good monrning my star". U will always be on my mind, ur name will be on the tip of my tongue until the last breathe i take. I promise. Ur alwayz gna be in my heart.
R.I.P CAN,SERHAT,OLGU and all of our loved ones



Orhan u still being missed and u are not forgotten xxx

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