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February 01, 2008



I guess the TfL apparatchiks, who seem to think doing their job well is managing to do avoid doing anything, don't want to slow down bus services at this junction with further traffic light phases. I'd call it Soviet, not Keynsian ,planning.

Dave  Hill

Very clever Felix. One bit of Ian Rathbone's email I didn't reproduce explained to me that keeping the traffic flowing is indeed a TfL consideration when considering these matters. I suppose that's legitimate but not of much consolation when you're trying to get to the Mermaid chip shop without being flattened.


This issue makes me so furious. I am a mother with two young children and feel like I risk my life several times a day to cross at this crossing. I really think it is an absolute scandal. I was only musing to myself earlier today that if anyone with any influence in tfl lived near this junction it would have been dealt with years ago. We've lived here for 8 years and our neighbours who had young children then were campaigning 8 years ago for a pedestrian crossing and were told then that it was going to be dealt with. I was in touch with tfl several times two years ago about this and was told that it was going to be sorted out at the same time as the roundabout. I am ready to take my children and go and sit in the tfl offices until someone promises to do something about it. Does anyone fancy joining me? We don't need any consultation, we just need a pedestrian crossing at a dangerous junction. Is it really that difficult? Apologies if I'm going on but this situation does just make me fume.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your sterling work regarding the Killer Crossing. I did try to add a comment to this post on Monday... but Typekey swallowed it (or perhaps I hadn't signed in correctly... what with blogger accounts, myspace and facebook... it gets confusing... I'm sure in the not too faraway future there will be a GCSE or NVQ in creating and managing passwords and logins... However back to the matter in hand).

It's very cheering that Cllr Rathbone is taking this matter seriously and, hopefully, there will be an improved crossing, even a pedestrian one soon. One only hopes that no one else will be injured (or worse) trying to navigate this junction before it is improved.
I will also be emailing Councillor Michael Desmond, of Hackney Downs Ward, (micheal@ desm.new.labour.org.uk), with my concerns.
And Fran if you need anyone to sit in at the Tfl offices, please do not hesitate to let me know.
As for myself, I will continue with my own circuitous and tedious routes across the road in my attempts to avoid being mown down.

Regards, Caroline

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