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February 26, 2008



Have you forgotten Parioli in Lower Clapton Road?

First, Italians do coffee better than anyone else.

Second, it's not full of people with laptops pretending that they have important jobs in the creative-services economy.

James Cherkoff

And don't forget L'epicerie opposite Venetia.

When I moved to Clapton two and a bvit years ago there were was nowhere to go for a decent cup of coffee. Now there are the three mentioned already and the Organic shop is opening a cafe garden too.

Dave  Hill

Hello Mark. No, I haven't forgotten Parioli's, which I like. It's a bit more than a cafe, though, isn't it? Verging on the restaurant, wouldn't you say? The great thing about the Amhurst is that you can feed a family of five there for less than twenty quid. Egg, bacon, chips...mmm, I can almost taste it.

Hello James. I'll be posting about L'Epicerie before too long.

Martin McCallion

Had lunch with the kids at Venetia's on Wednesday during half term. The seating is more plentiful now, but not as nice, and it's a pity they've taken the toys away (mine are too old for them, really, but it was nice having them there). The baguettes were good.

Has Parioli's actually got anything resembling a kitchen yet?

I don't know the Amhurst. In what direction is it opposite the station?

zappata dolcy

It seems really good and the staff are friendly.There is another cafe that has just opened in quick succession opposite that one, i forget the name though. I think its called eclipse or something along those lines. These cafe's are rivaling the openings of betting shops in Hackney! Check out Havana right opposite the pond, Its grand!


Sorry but I have to disagree with quality of coffee at Pariolli's. Not well-made at all- milk overcooked and the large was like a bucket of hot milk. There should be no excuse for badly made coffee nowadays in these, compared to the continent, expensive cafes of London.


After much hard work researching the field of coffee making & drinking, I've concluded it's a fine balance of bean quality, technical skill and personal attitude that makes or breaks a cup. My Gold medal would go to Diego @ Venetia's, he makes the best coffee in clapton by far, and he has the most charming attitude, which makes all the difference! all the other coffee dispensaries are lacking in this department, no matter how good the quality of the bean or the technique. if the beans and the glass cups were the only thing that mattered then I'd be in Climpson's all the time.... I'm not. I like to support people who enjoy life and spread positivity in whatever they are doing... but especially when making coffee, it's an art which requires soul!

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