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March 03, 2008



I recommend the vegetable Bastilla, which I think is Moroccan. Great for vegetarians. More places to sit would be nice, it's all a bit awkward. There simply isn't enough space to spread your Guardian out.

Ho ho.

Marion H

Being a frog in Clapton, (French frog, not out of the Clapton pond) I ought to try L'Epicerie soon. Some people linked it to the expensive 'La Bouche' on Broadway Market but I think/hope they have different owners...


Oh! That looks really nice! Have you seen the Italian deli on lower clapton road? I'm sure you have, I will try it out soon, haven't got around to it yet, being rather new to the Clapton Pond massive.



Remy, owner of l'épicerie@56

Thanx for your kind comments, I am as well French and am different from the owner of La Bouche although having been friends since our national military duty.

The Mighty Cat

I am eternally grateful to the owners of both Venetias and L'epicerie for bringing to my doorstep some of the middle class trappings I have been longing for during my 15 years as a Claptonian - such as a decent coffee and a slice of homemade cake. However, I was slighlty narked at my husband for buying Organic Pink Lemonade (!) at L'epicerie for the mind boggling price of £3.20. Next day, whilst shopping at Hackneys local -not -so -gentrified- supermarket, I stumbled upon the very same product for a modest £1.99. Mmmm, we Chatsworthians seem to be paying the price of N1 trappings. So I have re-named (with a wry smile) L'epicerie - my lovely local deli - 'take the p'isserie'........... in jest of course.


Hi there,

In this instance, I would love to say that I am taking the piss and that our mind boggling prices are subsidising a lavish lifestyle for my family and I. But unfortunately, reality is very different:

Until now, these traditional Lorina lemonades were only sold via independent shops and retailers at very similar prices to mine (3.20£). To be very precise, I used to buy these products from one of my distributors at EXACTLY the same price you bought it from your local supermarket a few days ago (1.99£).

But recently, this French brand has decided to change its market and has gone for mass production and supermarkets, for which they have had to decrease prices tremendously. As a result, all my traditional, home-made, independent distributors no longer stock this product.

I do take your point however that l’epicerie needs to be much more reactive and should have cut its prices to clear remaining stock, which is what we have now done. I thank you for being such an outspoken and truthful client – I try and serve my clients to the best and expect no less from them in exchange – putting the shop right when something isn’t good. Should you wish to come back to the
shop, ask for Remy and I would be happy to reimburse you the difference.

Marion H

Since first visiting l'Epicerie a few weeks ago, I have been back a few times and in reply to the Mighty Cat's post, I would like to say that a whole Reblochon cheese there only costs £6.90 which is a damn good price! Anywhere else (and it's not an easy one to find), it would cost £9/£10 (e.g Stoke Newington's Fresh & Mild-insert wry smile there too). I know for a fact as I am an avid consumer of this cheese!
Just wanted to say that for fairness' sake...Now i hope Remy won't put the prices up ;o)

Harry Tuttle

Although I no longer live on Chatsworth Rd (or even in the UK), I wholeheartedly recommend L'Epicerie, not only for the decent food, but also that a couple of times Remy offered me cakes and bread at the end of the day for free. And very tasty they were too. Good man.


Having experienced a truly marvellous Wednesday evening of Wine tasting and munching I simply had to write in. Remy and his lovely team treated us all to 5 different wines (not all French) and a selection of tasty bites, from cheeses to spicy Morrocan wraps, complimenting each of the carefully selected wines. Although informative this was not a stuffy affair and good drinking (spitting optional) delicious eating and great chance to chat to some of our locals, was had by all. What topped it off was being able to stroll home in a wine filled haze, instead of trekking back from some other borough wishing someone closer to home was brave enough to achieve what Remy has. 3 cheers for Remy and please keep surprising us. Can't wait for the next one. Will probably call up for my next order of Spinach and Salmon quiche quite soon.

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