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June 20, 2008


Michael Rosen

Yeah, Dave, but you still haven't come down to Dalston Lane to catch exactly how Jules (put that in your) Pipe (and smoke it) is keeping Hackney Crap. Just a couple of photos of the Ganges should do it and a little story about the twenty year saga of running Dalston Lane into the ground by Hackney Council. No one else. Just them. And remember, they are at present in an undeclared war on Victorian Dalston. Watch closely and see how many buildings are going to be destroyed over the next four years. It's the old Crown and Castle next.


Might be an idea to follow Mike's suggestion. After all, the council letting bits of teh borough rot and then handing the remnants to developers to build unaffordable luxury flats (and no tube) is a bit more important than the fact that someone has a Galatasaray poster up.

Just thought you ought to know

I mean, it's your blog and all, and I don't want to be rude, but what was the point?

Dave Hill

Don't know about you, tash, but my days only have 24 hours in them...plus this is social history!


Hah! Mine have 25!

(not really)

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