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July 30, 2008



Astonishing. Is he really suggesting that the French colonialist regime in Algeria, or the Smith era of Rhodesia are something to aspire to, in terms of "multiracial communities"? Neither the corrupt, brutal, FLN regime, nor Mugabe`s Zimbabwe are anything to be happy with, but such selective vision of *why* Algeria and Rhodesia were "multiracial" under the ancien regimes is a bit, well, daft.

Ben Locker

I think he's talking tits about race, but when it comes to the bloated public sector, crime and social services he's spot on. Still, I'd rather be here than anywhere else.

Anyway, Dave, you're posting on Browne a lot at the moment. Why has he got under your skin so badly?


The Left: A homogeneous entity responsible for all the ills in the world.

Except the gulf that is the rich-poor divide, racial, ethnic and immigrant tension, the War in Iraq, Climate Change, the collapse of the social security system, the difficulties within public services created by PFI, the erosion of civil liberties, the threat of terrorism... It isn't so much people who hold left-wing views that are the problem, more the leaders and columnists who take things to extreme and deal only in the fantasy world of hyperbole.

A Casual Observer

My favourite line from the article:

"Sharing the same language, culture and values as the people you come into daily contact with may not be excitingly multicultural, but it means you end up with deeper relationships"

Exactly. The idea of having a close friendship with someone whose first language is not English? Impossible. They are, well, different. I mean, what if a foreign family moved down your street:

"Hello, how are you? Sorry if my English is bad: I just moved in next door. My family and I came over here from Paris last week. I thought I would come over and introduce myself. London looks like it is going to be a good place to live!"

"Eh? Je un Englishman! Oui? Je ne like you! Go home."

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