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July 09, 2008


Guy S

Steady Dave ...leader columnist for the HG ...you mad optimistic fool!


The letters pages of the HG are bad enough without their leader writers adopting the same approach: rude, tactless and misguided.


Scooped you five days ago... ;-)


Never underestimate the anger of a Guardian journalist!!

Matt Wardman


If it was me they'd be getting invoices in accordance with the terms on my about page:



Christ, and I was wondering why the Hackney Gazette hadn't expanded its circulation.

Do they regularly convert perceived slights into content?



I love the way that the Hackney Gazette covers some educational achievement, school building program or class project, and, every week, uses the headline 'Class Act'.


It's amusing they declare that publication equates to public domain.

This would make every single newspaper, magazine, and book freely plagiarisable. Oddly, facts suggest otherwise.

Their grasp of the legal situation appears as profound as their grasp of what blogging is.


Hi Dave,
Apologies for being a bit slow on the uptake here (and must confess that I haven't read the Gazette for a while, even though I work there from time to time)... but how did it cover the Cecil story? Would be most grateful if you could let me know.


Blimey! (Here via Saltation - ta for the link, Sal).

Alas - any journalist, leader writer or no, who uses the phrase 'Computer Search Engines' is doomed to risibility from all but a dwindling few.


Hehe, the mind boggles.

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