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August 01, 2008



And the benefits of multiculturalism and mass immigration are what, exactly? Foreign restaurants?

How do the native white people from Hackney feel about becoming a minority group in the town they built? When were they consulted by the mainstream parties about the immigration policies that would result in this?

Dave  Hill

Hello James: Define "native".


Dear James,

"the town they built"

Much of London was built by non-English workers, and funded by colonial endeavours (not to mention slavery).

What does "native" mean in somewhere like Hackney? My grandfather was born in poverty in De Beauvoir Town in the 1880`s, the child of Scottish migrants. He moved to north Wales circa 1920, where my father and I were born. I now live in Hackney, in Lower Clapton, no more than a mile from my grandfather`s place of birth, and I have been here for 4 years. Does that make me more native than, say, someone of Jamaican heritage who`s family has lived in (and contributed to) Hackney life for 2 or 3 generations?

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