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October 13, 2008



Poor Anthony Browne.

Aside from the ill-informed jibes about taxes and schools which suggest he doesn't actually know much about Hackney ... he does seems a little confused about what he most dislikes about the place.

Is it the fact that the place is so racially diverse?

Or does he worry that large numbers of off-spring from mixed race couples will gradually making us all the same?

Or maybe he is perplexed at how people who once upon a time were all very similar (when our ancestors lived in southern Africa) have now become so very diverse.

I do hope he is not giving advice to Boris on genetics.


"Sharing the same language, culture and values as the people you come into daily contact with may not be excitingly multicultural, but it means you end up with deeper relationships, a sense of community, belonging and security."

Anthony Browne's article in the Spectator, encapsulated in this quote, is utterly objectionable, made worse by his position as Mayor Johnson's Head of Policy. However, in light of Hackney Council's abysmal interventions in Dalston Lane, Ridley Road Market, Well Street and Broadway Market (the list goes on), is it possible these views are shared by our local leaders?

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