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February 13, 2009


Tim Evans

The community planting happened on on Valentine's Day. Thanks to all that volunteer digging (and chatting and picnicking), there are now 50 young fruit trees on south Millfields between the substation and the water.

But we can't just shove 'em in and leave 'em! They'll need watering, weeding, and other looking after. So there will be a

    Love The Valentine's Orchard Afternoon
on Easter Sunday, 12 April, where we will start learning how to be responsible orchard owners. The more the merrier - and it'll be a great way to occupy kids.

Meantime, the trees need lots of water right now in March while they struggle to simultaneously build up their roots and put out leaves. We've set up a system which makes it easy for anyone passing by to spend a few minutes watering from the cut. We need to build up a casual tree care posse and I'm really happy to show anyone how it works - just contact me (mug[at]timevans.org.uk).

To stay in touch with Millfields User Group, email

Orchard care afternoon: Easter Sunday, 12 April, 2.00 at the rangers' room (portakabins next to the tennis courts), moving to the park later.

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