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February 20, 2009



Very pretty. What a shame that there is a man right now chain-sawing down the lovely old trees and bushes in the park next to the pond. I challenged him and he says he has been employed by the council to chop down most of the bushes, trees and shrubs. The council apparently are going to plant 2,000 new plants. I can just imagine how imaginative their planting will be.

Many of the trees and bushes in the little park have recently been vandalised by some ***** with a horrible horrible dog (not sure what breed but one of those awful pitbull English terrier-style monsters that ought to be SHOT along with their owners). These trees have died. But the contractor also seems to be chopping down living stuff. He hasn't touched the cherry tree. Yet.

The only advantage that I can think of to this is that the lack of cover will prevent other ***** from going into the bushes and taking shits, which is another regular occurence.

Ah, the humanity.

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