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June 01, 2009


James Cherkoff

We live in Thornby Road and had a spooky early morning visitor about four weeks ago. Creaky floorboards saved us as they put the burglar off and woke us up! All a bit creepy but the police were very good...

David Shariatmadari

Back in 2002 I lived on Powerscroft road, and my bedroom was on the ground floor. We were burgled one night, though the first I knew about it was the police ringing our doorbell - a man who was working shifts across the road had seen someone break in through the front window and called the police. For whatever reason the burglars never made it as far as my bedroom - I don't know whether they realised they'd been rumbled or what. Anyway, we took the nice man a box of chocolates the next evening. And I fixed a bolt on the inside of my bedroom door.


Lucky it wasn't your front door. Imagine what a criminal could do with a chisle. Very sad that you don't feel safe in your own home.


I'm dreadful at sleeping on my own in my place too. I end up with tons of lights left on, watching the TV until 2am and so forth.

Luckily it doesn't happen too much anymore. We've been burgled (Streatham) but luckily only during daylight hours, although one very hot mid-day morning a bloke poked his head through our ground floor, front of the house bedroom window. It surprised me so much I think I said "Oi, Bugger off!" and went back to sleep!


That was a lucky escape- but were they already gone when you realized what was happening? didn't you call the police?

Hackney Council is introducing the StreetLeader Scheme:
If we act as a whole, things could get better.

Another number to have handy is the non emergency police number: 0300 123 1212


Thankfully, being on the 3rd floor, I`m quite lucky. The only access to my flat is through a communal hallway. A scary experience, I can well imagine.

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