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October 26, 2009




Any chance of posting a link to our new local Labour blog for Hackney Central (just down the road from you!)




Teddie Sawyer

The choice between football and the environment for the Marshes is a cruelly false one. It disguises the take over of common land by Energy Multi-nationals. It plays on people's capacity to surrender something for the greater good. For shades of things to come go to Millfields Recreation Ground, E5, and see the land grab being carried out by the National Grid and EDF by their redeveloped power station.

The is a lot more to Hackney Marshes the football. It is a semi rural space with wide horizens and open skies existing in close proximity to very dense housing conurbations. It ia part of the greater Lea Marshes which are about to be cut through by High rise housing developments, courtesy of Waltham Forest Council.

If schools were teaching children the pleasures and the meaning of the enjoyment of the countryside they would be spending more time outdoors and less time indoors with the heating thermostat at maximum while they play at virtual outdoors games. No Profits in that though is there... except perhaps for the ecology of our world.

Teddie Sawyer

In the face of a national 'epidemic' of personal depression the Government recently announced the 'Horizons' project. They intend to ensure that children should receive meaningful emotional experiences in childhood as a hedge against disappointment and trauma in later life.
Despite the proximity of the fabulous resources of the Lea Marshes, any sample of Hackney children will reveal that they have never been taught how to play or how to just 'be' in the great outdoors. All you scmoozers that can burn up the motorways any weekend or take a flight to Turkey or the Med with your kids, spare a thought for the semi-rural environment that has miraculously survived on our doorstep. It is just about to disappear forever.
Do you know how many young people growing up in this area have ended up in Mental Hospital?


Every time I look at wind turbine turn I find it inspirational. It gives me hope that man can live on this planet without messing up the environment?

alistair siddons

I don't feel able to decide whether the proposed wind turbine's a good thing or not. Why? Because no-one, not even Hackney council, can tell me what its designed power output is and whether it can reliably deliver. Sometimes science really does need to preside over opinion.

alistair siddons

Interesting to see what figures Hackney council has to go on now that the Eton Manor turbine is out of the picture.

Their projections for electricity generation have always been based on the assumption that two wind turbines would be available, not just the oneon east marsh.

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