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November 13, 2009


harry tuttle

in fairness dave, although i don't have a particular problem with the bendys (apart from being a pain in the arse to overtake on a bike), they didn't really seem suitable to me for going down the narrow way. whether shorter, but more numerous buses make it less congested remains to be seen.

harry tuttle

ps. how did this get to be front page news on the guardian website? a little localised for a national newspaper, surely.


Hi Dave where the bleep am I in the Guardian. BTW they have a lousy search engine.

Sharon Walter

Well I've now been using the new 38 double deckers for a week or two and although the size and frequency is fine, Arriva has been playing a new game with us:

** guess the destination of the bus

It seems the route is no longer fixed as Victoria to Clapton Pond and quite often even though buses say "Clapton Pond" on the front they stop at either Dalston Junction, or Hackney Central.

The other game Arriva have invented is:

** changing drivers at Balls Pond Road

Now I only take the number 38 when I can't get a number 48 (which is quite often recently given the buse strikes of the East London bus company).

Then I take a number 21 (or 141) up to Balls Pond Road and hope to do a swift change onto a number 38 to take me the rest of the way to Clapton Pond only to encounter:

(1) change the driver game;


(2) change the destination of the bus game !!!!

Arriva I love you! (Not!)

Charles Clanger

Sharon - in fairness to the 38, "the destination of this bus has changed" is gaining ubiquity. It's code for "this bus will stop short of its stated destination" and not "we've decided to take you somewhere much more interesting".

Then there's "this bus is being held at this stop to regulate the service". No it's not, 'it's sitting at the side of the road because we're too profit-focussed to buy a few more buses and hire the drivers'.


The 38 buses still seem to be hunting in packs for the most part. On a 38 the other day we stopped to 'regulate the service' only to be overtaken by two other 38s and then join the back of the queue. I wasn't quite sure how that made sense. Anyway - agree that not worth making a big thing about, but would have preferred that they stick with bendys...much quicker and I'm saying that although I am a cyclist!


A 38 with decent heating might be nice.

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