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March 11, 2010



Or just get the 38 to hackney and hop on a 253...


Yeah, but you have to pay again - and so close to home!


I sometimes get the 48 from the centre of the universe to London Bridge to get to work when I can't take my scooter out. It's a long journey, but means I can get on the bus, sit down and switch off until an hour later. So often they change the destination half way and kick me out at the overcrowded Liverpool Street to fight my way onto another bus. I always ask for a transfer ticket, but it tends to make me late for work and is just generally pretty annoying.
The reasons given is the traffic and bunching of buses, so because of traffic and bad planning those of us that get on the bus nice and early on the route (where tubes aren't an option) suffer. I'm generally pro-buses, but this really puts me off, this and the new air conditioning units on the upper deck that are way too loud. Rant over!


Now that I`m no longer a Claptonian, I will confess that I don`t miss the often awful level of service on the 38. After a long day at work, the last thing I needed was to schlep on another bus, or, in some instances, 2 buses, to get me back to Lower Clapton.

Dave Raval

Of course, a solution to this would be a one-hour bus ticket like most European cities already have. You can change buses as often as you want and only be charged once on Oyster PAYG.

This is actually Lib Dem policy (see http://tinyurl.com/yl3d9ry) but alas the Mayor of London has officially rejected it because he doesn't really care about bus users.


Glad to see you raised this. Hopping on and off a bus that has been terminated early might not be much more than a slight inconvenience for some commuters and leisure users but Transport for London conveniently forgets that if you are:
chronically sick or disabled;
with kids and buggies;
with heavy suitcases or shopping; and/or poor and can't afford to pay for more than a single ticket;
a bus route that has been split up or "no longer going the full distance" can be disastrous.

Too frequently my journeys from Finsbury Park to Battersea on the 19 bus are prematurely terminated, often at Oxford Circus. And the replacement bus has a wheelchair ramp that is faulty or (more often than not) the driver doesn't know how to operate it!

On the plus side, on a 253 bus last summer the (cute) driver apologised that it had overheated, had to rest and very politely suggested passengers get off and catch the bus that was following behind.

Seeing that I was mobility-impaired the driver suggested I might like to stay on the bus for 5-10 minutes until the bus had cooled down. We had a really nice time, chewing the fat, until it was safe to continue.


you don't have to pay twice if a bus terminates before its advertised destination while you're on it and have already paid. get a transfer ticket!


The 38s going into the garage. This is due to to many buses going around the one way system. Also there is not enouth stand room at clapton.

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