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January 31, 2011


Ian Rathbone

Bit slow on the news, Dave. We announced this was happening before Christmas when we ran a small campaign to ensure TfL did get on with it!
- Ian Rathbone, Chair, CPNAG

Dave Hill

I'm sorry you're dissatisfied with the service, Councillor. Why not try asking for your money back?

Mark Pack

Dave - or of course he could do a better job at letting local bloggers know about news they might want to cover :-)

Nicholas Gibbins

I first complained about this crossing in 1997 so it's only taken them 14 years to do something...

Salade Folle

Hmm. Worryingly, if you look at the TFL map, 2 of the signs show up as 'Works cancelled'...


Very glad to hear this. I wrote to the council about five years ago on this appalling crossing, and have repeatedly harried councillors - as I'm sure many many others have also done – and had more or less given up hope

Pinny Crane

Personally I don't see how the crossing is any safer than it was before - is there a plan for an actual crossing for pedestrians ? I have a new born and a toddler and feel I take their lives into my own hands every time I cross - which is several times a day ! Pinny Crane


What IS happening? When I crossed at this crossing last Friday night it was as bad as ever.

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