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February 10, 2011


James Cherkoff

Palm 2 tell me that because it's a Metro the prices will be much higher than a superstore..


The freeholders of the building have told me me that they currently cannot legally open tomorrow. This may change later on today, but is the current situation.


All eyes are on Palm2 as they are going to be the ones most obviously effected. They've already demonstrated a gradual shift towards the deli/cafe model which I think is a wise move, but they seem reluctant to commit themselves. Personally, I think they should visit Crouch End's Spiazzo and copy it;


I'm intending not to use the Tesco and keep shopping in Palm 2. I think Abdullah and his staff do an amazing job and have been very influential in adding to what is increasingly becoming a village feel in the community. I'm curious though about whether to use the cash machine. I like the idea of taking out free cash to spend in Palm 2 would this benefit Tesco in any way?


You say that you're "intending not to use" Tesco. Do I detect a lack of resolve in your little boycott? Personally, I think they'd make far more money if they changed to a large cafe deli rather than trying to compete with Tesco.


Apparantly the cashpoint in Palm 2 will be free soon so you won't even need to use Tesco hole-in-wall.


@beekeeper I'd be extremely disappointed if they did that, then where would we shop to get decent choice? - I won't use Tesco
It seems there has been a lot of interest in the new Tesco, but also that a lot of people have been in, not found what they wanted and gone into Palm2.

More on the issue of whether Tesco have opened without the go ahead from the freeholders is here: http://www.hackneycitizen.co.uk/2011/02/11/housing-association-seeks-legal-advice-as-clapton-tesco-opens/ I was informed yesterday that this is still the case.


tesco is an abomination.
this is not about 'friendly competition', this is not about trying to recreate the bourgeois cafe havens of crouch end so you can get your organic/fair trade/processed by blessed monkeys chocolate at a jolly reasonable price.
this is about shops that are centres of communities, shops that give genuine turkish/indian/west indian products for the cultures of the communities they serve, at a price the community can afford.
I for one begrudge the fact that there is no cash point in clapton, but so what?
I'd rather walk to mare st or pay a fee than have my local area filled with sterile corporations. LONG LIVE THE GREEN SHOP ON THE CORNER.


Yes you probably do detect a lack of resolve. 'Virtue not tested' and all that. Although the other day when Palm 2 had no chilly oil I resisted the temptation to nip into Tesco and went home without any instead. I bet that had the Tesco CEO shaking in his boots! Are you being disparaging about the size of my boycott? I'm not sure how to quantify it (or increase it). I like to think its and express size boycott. Bigger than a metro boycott but not as big as a super boycott. Back to the point, is it OK (given my express size boycott) to use the cash machine?


Businesses that have a cash machine in their frontage do receive a fee from the banks for each time they are used.


Thanks Murray
That answers it.


damn! my intention was to get money out at tesco's and spend it at the local shops nearby - if they get a fee that's not going to work!

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