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November 18, 2012


Jeck Ranatan

Italian born, London (hackney) based artist Run, and Graciela Watson a English experienced film maker are making a Video on street art … No, They are making a short movie on Public art and the relation between Public and art and accessibility of art to the public, no… actually the film is about how the people are affected by the art on the street, the question that comes in people's head when they see a painting on the street, a critics, yes the film is actually about the stimulation and the impact that public art (like murals and street art) affect people's everyday life in Hackney but in general everywhere. Obviously "everywhere" is different especially London which is constantly under attack of information and artificial images.

The aims of the duo is not only to talk about them selves, but mainly talking and documenting about how art in the public space affect our environment, our critics and our way of seeing the world, Art at the end is a reflection.

Changing the status of things with out a institutional backing from governance and landlords. Bringing back the spontaneously of the citizen and trying to stimulate self expression and creativity, keeping people's creativity alive bypassing trough school, classes, courses or galleries.

Talking about a production of street painting self committed in a city like London it can be dangerous. Not because something bad can happen during the execution of these painting, but because if we start from the fact that one person decide what to put on a blank wall it could be seen as an anti democracy act.
Why shall a person deliberately whit is own decision start placing images on public walls?Who has given the permission ? No body, but the case is that every time the artist do it is always appreciated and supported by people around, locals, local press and others.

When we talk about public space decoration there must be someone taking the responsibility and acting with the only motivation of spreading art in the environment and waiting for a response.

Whit our short documentary we want to point out our act of spreading art in the street and giving people a possibility of identify the place where they live.

... this is what actually was happening in the picture above ...

Check runabc.org ~ / wall painting / London for more info and picture on art on the street in Hackney and elsewhere ..

Long live art in the street spread and support it, give it space.


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