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February 25, 2013



It's not like the locals were having a great time on Chatsworth Road before gentrification started, the pros massively outweigh the cons in my humble opinion.

Annie D

Absolutely agree with E5 gooner. The unmonied may not be able to buy posh cheese, but everyone can have a pleasant stroll through parts of Clapton now and feel uplifted, aspirational, whereas it was a downer 10 years ago. I was born poor in a council house, but seeing entrepreneurs, ordinary people running businesses, artists, gave me hope and ambition. It's good for kids to see alternative lives and good for all of us to have a truly mixed community.

Andygunner Pandy

I think we are all in agreement here. I am have little money, but don't have Sky, or do drugs, or smoke, and hardly drink any more. So occasionally I treat myself to healthy bread at the market.
E5 Gooner let's close that gap!!! Notice Spurs fans crawling out from under the rocks recently not a great feeling.

Clapton Homeowner

Personally we're happy with a bit of gentrification so our house price goes up. And it's a safer, more interesting, nicer place to live/entertain and welcome friends and to bring up a family.

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