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February 29, 2008


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Ken Livingstone campaign

As the cigar case story was bound to create slightly positive coverage for Boris Johnson you can be absolutely certain that it was nothing to do with us in the Ken Livingstone campaign. If we were going to criticise Boris Johnson it would be on something that would lose him support not gain it.

If anyone with a political motive initiated this story then based on the 'who benefits' principle a Boris Johnson supporter would have a much greater interest in doing so than a supporter of Ken's.

As far as Ken Livingstone's campaign was concerned it was a predictable negative - which is why Boris Johnson was so eager to publicise it.

Dave  Hill

Hello KL Campaign: Perhaps I should also have said - entirely truthfully - that I have no idea why the police took an interest in the cigar case business at this particular time or who might have brought it to their attention. Regarding your point about the story helping Johnson rather than hurting him, I think my post rather suggests that you are right.

A Hawkins

I think there has to be a suspicion that Johnson's campaign put this into the public domain because they wanted to have a 'sympathy' defence up and running for when the inevitable and genuinely serious charges over Guppy and Black were aired.

These are real issues about Johnson's fitness to be the chair of the MPA, which Johnson's just dodging. There is no good reason for giving a character reference to the fraudster Black or helping his mate who was trying to carry out an assault:

Johnson knows he's on weak ground here, so all power to Kevin Maguire who's the only person I've read anywhere in the printed media who's really pursuing this point.

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