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March 29, 2008


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Phil Taylor


I am sure that it was Lvingstone commenting on your piece. The abuse of statistics is classic Livingstone.

The Met publishes figures for financial years. The Mayor is using calendar years to suit his argument. He also uses 2003 as a baseline because it was a peak.

Official Met figures are:

99/00 180
00/01 171
01/02 190
02/03 189
03/04 204
04/05 182
05/06 168
06/07 162

I would say it was hard to pull any conclusions out of this data beyond it is pretty constant around the 180 mark +/- 20.

The Mayor sullenly continues to fail to acknowledge the murders of 11 London teenagers so far this year.

Teenage killings are a specific London problem and one that the Mayor has offered no concrete response to because discussing it undermines his "I have licked crime" rhetoric.

According to Channel 4 Dispatches:

"27 out of the 52 teenagers who died last year were murdered in London with Lambeth having one of the highest levels of violent crime in the capital."

According to these numbers London, with 12% of the whole UK's population, has over half the problem.

The Mayor claims 40% extra policemen. Does anyone seriously believe 40% extra benefit for Londoner's? The Mayor has stood by and allowed the Met to do its own thing. Both Paddick and Johnson are right to want to take over chairmanship of the MPA and to get in amongst policing. It seems like the Mayor's deal with the Met has been you deliver Safer Neighbourhood Teams and I will leave you alone.

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