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March 25, 2008


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That article is not the first time Boris has apologised. He has apologised repeatedly for upsetting people's feelings, in other articles, but also in his address at the Cadogan Hall gathering, where he set out his proposals.

Practically everyone who blames Boris for this has not even read the article - it is a satirical article, meaning the opposite to what the critics to his words are saying he meant.

It would upset me if I used a word in a satirical or jokey context and it hurt someone's feelings and I would say sorry. Although he absolutely meant no offence at the time, that is why Boris keeps saying sorry.

What beats me is that Ken Livingstone can insult the Jewish people and not even have the decency to say sorry once, without having the excuse that he was using the offensive words satirically. He actually meant the words, but according to Ken's supporters that is fine, and they see no reason for him to apologise once, let alone repeatedly like Boris Johnson.

How many times does Boris have to apologise over this, but I bet he will do it as many times as he feels it takes until nobody is hurt anymore.


Dave may I make another point?

On Facebook, 20,000 people have signed up as friends of Boris. 2,000 signed up for Ken.

I don't believe in Facebook, but I get the giggles every time I think of this.


Dave you know all this trendy jargon like astroturfer and grassroots and stuff.

There is a new trendy word now - SMURFETTE.

A smurfette is an independent mouthy female who pushes her ardent right wing views onto left wing blog. sites and I am a smurfette.

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