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March 28, 2008


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Phil Taylor


Sorry to repeat myself but Livingstone didn't tell us in 2000 that his top team would be his Socialist Action buddies Redmond O’Neill, Simon Fletcher and John Ross and the disgraced Lee Jasper.

It is clear from Gilligan's two recent pieces in the Standard on TfL's Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy, that Hendy is partisan and it may be hard for Boris to work with him. It is no use asking Boris to name his new transport commissioner as I suspect he will be legally required to go through due process in recruiting a replacement. The same goes for many other appointments. It is in all our interests that this is a judicious process and it is unreasonable to expect a candidate to have the time and resources to do this. We would though reasonably expect a new mayor to prioritise the recruitment of his top team after May 1st.

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