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March 28, 2008


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Phil Taylor

The crime statistic that many deprived families in London are most concerned about is the teenage murder rate. At the same time that the Mayor was saying "if it bleeds, it leads" last night on BBC television it emerged that two more London teenagers were murdered yesterday bringing the teen murder toll in London to 11 this year. Truly appalling.

Teenage killings are a specific London problem and one that the Mayor has offered no response to because discussing it undermines his "I have licked crime" rhetoric.

According to Channel 4 Dispatches:

"27 out of the 52 teenagers who died last year were murdered in London with Lambeth having one of the highest levels of violent crime in the capital."


According to these numbers London, with 12% of the whole UK's population, has over half the problem. This year the problem seems to be even worse with the death toll at 11 after only 3 months - pretty much a murder a week in London alone.

Arguing the toss with stats is too hard but it is telling to ask: How can the Mayor reconcile falling crime with this death toll? I have met a wide range of kids in London and this death toll frightens them. We need to tackle it, not ignore it as the Mayor seeks to.

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