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March 29, 2008


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Phil Taylor


John-Paul Flintoff's, you say teasing, I say tedious, piece in the Sunday Times magazine on 16th March was clarified for me when the latest issue of London Green News plopped onto to my mat last week. In it there is a puff piece on Darren Johnson, Green AM and key prop of the Livingstone regime at City Hall, by one John-Paul Flintoff who "writes for the Sunday Times".

A quick look at his personal website http://www.flintoff.org/ confirms that the guy is a fully paid-up lentil eater. No surprise then that he attempted, fairly subtley in a sub Louis Theroux style, to knife Boris in his ST magazine piece.

As you say yourself you have had access to Boris and it is not as if you are a Tory blogger like me is it?

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