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March 12, 2008


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Phil Taylor

Bit more evidence for you.

In an article headlined "Pay C-charge by the mile" published in the Evening Standard on January 27th 2006 there was a quote from Michele Dix, director of congestion charging at TfL: “It [London-wide road pricing] would generate £3 billion gross and net revenue of between £1 billion and £2 billion.”

This silly woman is typical of TfL's cadre of 112 managers who are paid more than £100,000K who have no idea about cost control. Can’t she refine her cost estimates more accurately than to the nearest £1 billion? Why does she think it acceptable to tax people to this extent and then lose anywhere from a third to two thirds of the money in collection costs.

Today the Chancellor only dared take £2 billion out of the economy in tax increases, in spite of having a £7 billion hole to plug. Here is the Mayor planning to take £3 billion a year out of London's economy.

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