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April 24, 2008


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The Tory Troll

I think the value of a potential Paddick/Lib Dem endorsement for Ken has been overplayed. Polls show that Paddick hasn't even been able to get his voters to vote for him, let alone anyone else.


Who could trust an "indication of willingness to change" from Ken? Does a newt change its' spots permanently?

Boris as Mayor would be a disaster waiting to happen - and we would have less idea of when to expect it than we have for tsunamis. Ken is a disaster that has begun to happen, one that shows every sign of getting worse.


1. Brian said he could work with Johnson but not Livingstone
2. Barnbrook (BNP Mayoral candidate said (BBCR4) he was not putting Johnson #2
3. Johnson has said he doesn't want a single BNP 2nd vote

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